Taking care of a beard is not difficult if you do it right. When your beard has grown or even thicker, the way to care for it remains the same. Growing a beard can be a free expression for you, but caring for it requires commitment. Beards can only be maintained if you keep them healthy and of course neat. To take good care of your beard, there are several easy ways you can do it right away such as using beard oil and balm.

Fight itching
Your skin may “rebel” in the middle of your thick beard. You will feel itching, but you have to endure. Washing your beard and moisturizing it will make your skin feel more comfortable.

Let it grow, don’t disturb it
If you want to grow your beard long, let it grow for the first month. Resist the urge to shape it quickly or trim it to make it tidier. Poirier suggests waiting a few months before you start shaping your beard. Beginners generally make the mistake of rushing into it. When it’s wrong, it can take you weeks or months to correct it. When your beard has grown 1 cm or more than 1.5 cm, you can only begin to shape it.

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Keep your beard damp
Men must keep their beards moist. Although there are many moisturizing products on the market, according to Kellet, one of the best is one with coconut oil. This oil is natural, smells good, is easy to clean, and has all the nutrients you need to care for your beard,

Shave your beard regularly
It is recommended that you shave your beard every 2 months, even if you intend to lengthen it. The goal is to remove the split ends. If you really want to keep your beard short, trim it every few weeks.

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– Ultimate Beard Care Conditioner Kit – Beard Grooming Kit for Men Softens, Smoothes and Soothes Beard Itch for $ 26.88

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